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Choices: Stories You Play

The Freshman Not my favourite genre, but I ship James & my OC. The team dynamics have been amazing so far.

Most Wanted The Dave and Sam dynamic was perfect.
The Crown & The Flame This game has made me a happy Dom and Kenna shipper. These two remind me of the characters Mary and Sebastian in the TV series "Reign", so I'm not even mad that "Reign" had gone down different character arcs.

Haunting of Braidwood Manor
This story I actually liked and would consider replaying in future. I like both Victor & Hannah but it would have been nice if Victor played an equally active role alongside Hannah.

Rules of Engagement
This one was a surprise for me because I often thought that most romance genre games have rather cheesy lines and flimsy story plots. Well, this one turned out to be a fun, family rom-com with some cheesy lines, but the side characters were awesome and I got to choose their names too. So, for the family, I named the four siblings:

Main Character - …
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Developing Emotional Resilience

Today, I attended a one-day course hoping to learn how to be resilient in the long run and knowing when is the right time to leave the profession. Although my second objective wasn't exactly met, the session was insightful and I learnt a fair bit.So, in summary:1. Emotional resilience affects our personal performance, physical and mental health, and quality of our relationships. Thus, it is necessary for success and satisfaction.Note: You will need to give yourself the time and safe space for reflection in the next section. Be open and honest with yourself.2. We need to increase our emotional intelligence, which consists of:
- understanding our stressors (finding out what day-to-day situations expend your emotional energy and how)
- controlling our emotions (i.e. not taking things personally by empathising and having compassion towards the people we interact with and carving out a safe space for our own healthy coping strategies)
- reading others' emotions (i.e. understanding …

The Case for Counselling

Is counselling a solution for you?If asked whether children should see a career guidance counsellor to explore possible future career paths, one might possibly encourage them to do so. Likewise, humans need guidance and counselling in terms of managing emotional and mental stress.I think having counselling gives you a safe space to get those inner thoughts out and sort out the helpful thoughts from the unhelpful ones. It slowly builds your confidence and allows you to practise those skills in real life. Counselling isn't meant to make you dependent on a listening ear, rather it should help you gain independence and mental and emotional fortitude.Contrary to popular belief, during counselling sessions, you often don't get advice or solutions from the counsellor. Instead, counsellors ask the right questions to reframe your thoughts and guide you towards coming up with solutions for yourself. With the benefit of confidentiality, you can rest assured that whatever you share with t…

Speed Bumps by Noah Elias

"I had to find God on my own terms. I needed to understand who God was and my relationship with Him apart from my mom. Not through the filter of what my mom thinks, or church thinks. I wondered if it was possible to have a relationship with God without anybody else as the in-between? I wanted to have that intimacy and that relationship with God, but whenever I went to God, I would always feel guilt and shame. If God is love then why did I feel so bad? Again, the measuring stick was out of my hands. I was living how others told me I should. I knew that I needed to stop listening to the other voices and just be in tune with what God was speaking to my heart."

The Bible on Narcissism

Narcissism = Insolent Pride = Proud, Haughty SCOFFER (Proverbs 21:24)
Proverbs 9:7 Whoever corrects a mocker invites insults; whoever rebukes the wicked incurs abuse.
Narcissists will try to trash the reputation of those who dare to confront them about character or performance inadequacies.
Proverbs 9:8 Do not rebuke mockers or they will hate you; rebuke the wise and they will love you.
Proverbs 13:1 [Contrasting the Upright and the Wicked] A wise son heeds his father's instruction, but a mocker does not respond to rebukes.
A scoffer will typically refuse to listen to someone who is telling them they’re wrong.  Or, if they appear to be listening, they are internally resisting.
Proverbs 14:6 The mocker seeks wisdom and finds none, but knowledge comes easily to the discerning.
While Narcissists can spend long hours reading and studying whatever subject is their “platform” for receivin…

Moving from Bitterness to Love

Revenge is Mine "There are two courses of action to follow when one is bitten by a rattlesnake. One may, in anger, fear, or vengefulness, pursue the creature and kill it. Or he may make full haste to get the venom out of his system. If we pursue the latter course we will likely survive, but if we attempt to follow the former, we may not be around long enough to finish it."
- Brigham Young (Founder of the Church of Latter Day Saints) Though we may not be of the same faith, I think the above quote has much wisdom to it.
Joseph’s will to forgive his brothers changed bitterness to love. Forgive But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. - Matthew 6:15 Matthew Henry Commentary "We are taught to hate and dread sin while we hope for mercy, to distrust ourselves, to rely on the providence and grace of God to keep us from it, to be prepared to resist the tempter, and not to become tempters of others. Here is a promise, If you forgive, your…

Assurance for the Distressed and Troubled

Over the past few days, I had received distressing messages from loved ones about conflicts among themselves and had been feeling troubled night and day.After some time, I felt a bible verse brought to my mind: For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.Later that day, a friend, who had become aware of my distress, came up to me and comforted me with the exact same verse. It was a confirmation of God's assuring message to me to give my burdens over to Him in exchange of a lighter load.The next day, while I was attending a church service, a pastor spoke aloud the same verse, punctuating the silence during a Holy Communion procession. This was the third affirmation for me. Thank you, Lord.I hope this encourages you not to give up and to observe the good that God is doing through the people around you. If you are willing, He can lead you to bring a word or act of comfort to the wounded. You may very well be that spring of living water in the desert.